20040 Firmware für OSTC 2C / OSTC 2N / OSTC mk.2 (v3.16)



New in 3.16:

Stable Release

BUGFIX: vertical speed display


New in 3.15:

Stable Release

NEW: Allow to set date > 31.12.2020

BUGFIX: Small language fixes

CHANGE: Debug mode disabled (Hard-coded).

New in 3.13:

Stable Release

NEW: Logbook shows markers with small orange boxes in the profile


New in 3.12:

Beta Release

BUGFIX: Minor layout fix (Battery warning in divemode)

CHANGE: Color-code battery display in surface mode (Charge, Full, Normal)

New in 3.11:
BUGFIX: First Diluent and SP Mode used same EEPROM location

New in 3.10:
Stable Release

New in 3.05:
Beta Release
NEW: Quit Simulator automatically when starting a real dive
CHANGE: Battery percent based on ON-Time instead of battery voltage

New in 3.04:
Beta Release
BUGFIX: Fix licence in German
BUGFIX: Fix minor layout bugs in surface mode
NEW: Auto Setpoint switch function (CC Modes)

New in 3.03:
Stable Release
BUGFIX: 1st line in logbook was not displayed in rare cases (2C hardware)

New in 3.02:
Stable Release
BUGFIX: Divetime had unwanted . behind the minutes

New in 3.01:
Stable Release
BUGFIX: Entry time in logbook when dive was around midnight
BUGFIX: Show manually set O2 (Gas 6) correctly
BUGFIX: Show dives with >999mins divetime correctly

New in 3.00:
Stable Release
BUGFIX: Fix color codes 192-223 (Mk.2 and 2N only)

New in 2.95:
BETA Version
BUGFIX: Surface interval was paused during simulator
BUGFIX: False Bailout and Gas 6 flags in logbook
BUGFIX: Color of Menu? in divemode

New in 2.94:
BETA Version
BUGFIX: False bailout flag in logbook
NEW: On-Time counter for better battery information
NEW: Store useage timer in logbook header (Byte 54, see documentation)
NEW: CF74: Battery Timeout [min] - Battery symbol will blink if the OSTC was
longer in active mode (since the last _full_ charge) then CF74.
Default=1800 (30hours)

New in 2.93:
BETA Version
NEW: Show Gas change countdown if CF55>0
CHANGE: Graphical velocity on by default (CF60=1)
NEW: Ceiling display (GF_hi based) in divemode
CHANGE: No turkish language support anymore
BUGFIX: Gas volume computation when using several travel mixes

New in 2.91:
BETA Version
New: Show bailout event in internal logbook

New in 2.90:
Stable Release
BUGFIX: CNS calculation in decoplan should track gas (no marked changes anymore)

New in 2.81:
BUGFIX: Show bailout list if first bailout gas <> gas 1
BUGFIX: Italian language fix (Divemode menu)
BUGFIX: Gas change depth display in divemode menu (OSTC 2C only)

New in 2.80:
Stable Release

New in 2.75:
BETA Version - Do NOT use for diving
BUGFIX: ppO2 display in PSCR Mode

New in 2.74:
BETA Version - Do NOT use for diving
BUGFIX: remove ghost image (On 2C only) during first second in sleep mode
CHANGE: Remove CF55 from decolist
TODO: show gas change stops different from decostops
BUGFIX: FTTS>9min in OSTC 2C hardware
NEW: Show the bailout list in surfacemode (CC Modes)
CHANGE: Faster button response

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