20030 hwOS sport für OSTC sport / OSTC plus / OSTC 2 / OSTC 2 TR (v10.77)


MD5: daaf28252b05631423b9357eaeae22ee
NEW: Descent counter for Apnoe mode
NEW: Dedicated surface customview #11 for Desat-Time, No-Fly and CNS
FIX: NDL was shown in normal layout once deco was cleared in large layout
NEW: Charge Cycle counter in Information menu
CHANGE: Compatibility for new hardware versions

MD5: 2324f02215f23e3e575b5111836e76b2
FIX: Wrong release date in 10.75 showed "Update!" message prematurely
CHANGE: Compatibility for new hardware versions

MD5: bd67e528e496bf3faa6f4b8999c69abd
BUGFIX: Increase resolution of tissue pressure calculations to track very low pressure differences between ambient and tissue pressures
CHANGE: OSTC with mechanical (magnetic) buttons need both buttons beeing pressed to wake up
CHANGE: Support for new OSTC+ hardware with O2 sensor inputs
CHANGE: Adjust max. brightness settings
CHANGE: reset planning parameters to default values - only when entering the menu,
 thus keeping the settings between multiple calculator runs
FIX: the output of the calculation results was divided into several steps, which
 could be interrupted in cooperative multitasking. So glitches could occur in the
 screen output if e.g. the TTS switched to NDL but the deco data flag vector was
 not updated yet. Now the compilation of all calculation results can no longer be

MD5: d185c7080e65e2a4106946c562ab6425
CHANGE: OSTC with mechanical (magnetic) buttons need both buttons being pressed to wake up
CHANGE: minor changes in the different language versions
BUGFIX: Bluetooth Reset option for 2022 OSTC sport models fixed
CHANGE: Compatibility for new hardware versions

MD5: 39e59f652a6c0116934d97ff57d4a45f
BUGFIX: Properly update desaturation time and tissue data after battery change (OSTC with user-replaceable batteries only)
NEW: Option to suppress non-critical warnings in dive mode
CHANGE: Do not present gas6 option in alternative layout (Switch to normal layout in order to configure the gas 6 during the dive)
CHANGE: Do not show RX portions of tank setup menu when there is no RX hardware
CHANGE: Low-level code improvements for performance

MD5: a4202eb0df83dd2a593dbbcccabc62be
NEW: Support for current hardware version of OSTC 2, plus and Sport
- a Reset Bluetooth from the Reset Menu might be required for BLE/Bluetooth 4.0 to be enabled

MD5: 84bf439ba7ecfc6463f29535370e04c3
BUGFIX: Sensor detection in OSTC plus could fail for some hardware versions
BUGFIX: calculate time/date of the end of the dive in logbook screen correctly for
 dives with a lot of surface time/many descents
NEW: Different brightness settings for dive and surface mode
NEW: minor changes in the different language versions
BUGFIX: Reduce sleep mode current

MD5: 0f7c9081faebc4f1e5f983395e1f0854
NEW:  Support for new pressure sensor type in OSTC 2 and plus
NEW: Several changes in the different language versions
CHANGE: Tweak gas use routine to work with unplanned changes (Switching to inactive gases)
BUGFIX: Pulsing of backlight under some conditions fixed
NEW: Large (Single line) menu in dive mode when large layout is selected

MD5: 9a611ba6ebe9d1d98917257dd5b5f673
NEW: Support for current hardware version of OSTC 2 and plus
FIX: Abort on unknown parameter in comm mode
CHANGE: Several small language fixes
CHANGE: increase battery safety margins for Saft (T0) and 16650 batteries (T4)

MD5: a6881d59859b493b9fcc25a51936f121
BUGFIX: Surface pressure compensation (zero m reference) could be delayed or stuck to old reference value
BUGFIX: configuring deko gases via the mobile Apps was not possible
CHANGE: French language fixes

MD5: 33b70935590bc0c081b25d759e8dda34
BUGFIX: Improved calculation accuracy of the initial ascent. Remark: this will
  have a slight impact on the resulting deco schedule compared to firmware 10.64.
CHANGE: The menu system around setting up the dive mode & settings has been
  decluttered. All settings are now sorted into the groups dive setup,
  deco setup, SAC (gas needs) setup, ppO2 setup and stops & depths setup.
NEW: There is a new option "Swap on empty" in Dive Setup -> SAC Setup.
  It is only effective if "CalcGas(B/O)" is switched on, too. If both
  options are switched on, the deco calculation will switch to another
  tank (i.e. gas) once the tank of the current gas is calculated to be
  used up.
  This function can be used to automatically calculate a contingency in
  case of running out of a deco gas, as the deco calculation will then
  continue to calculate a deco making use of the spares from the another
  gases carried. Another application is with two or more tanks holding
  the same gas (i.e. independent double configuration, side-mount), as
  the calculations will then take the cumulative amount of gas carried
  into account before raising a gas needs attention or alarm.
NEW: For dives done on firmware >= 10.66 the logbook will have one more page
  showing the tissue pressures and supersaturation levels as of at the
  end of dive (i.e. when surfacing).
NEW: New option to acknowledge the most recent warning in dive mode
  (Left press -> Ackn?)
BUGFIX: Hardened all USB/Bluetooth communication against data losses and timeouts
NEW: A new Firmware Recovery Feature has been added: the currently active firmware
  can be backed-up and restored later on while other firmwares have been loaded
  thereafter. The feature is accessible via Settings -> System Settings ->
  Reset Menu -> Reboot and becomes available with the first firmware load after
  the 10.66 (or later) is already on the unit.
BUGFIX: During loading of a new firmware the clock will not loose time any more
  (on old firmware it became late by about 15 sec on each firmware update).
CHANGE: When run from a 3.6 V battery (either replaceable or built-in), the
  surface mode timeout is now extended to 4 minutes before going to sleep
  mode. If the OSTC is run from 1.5 V disposables, the timeout remains at
  the previous 90 seconds to save on battery runtime.
NEW: Updates OSTC 2 TR computers to RX-Firmware 1.40

MD5: d7cb426cc40c3f6573d4b40be5d90513
BUGFIX: "Sticky" button behaviour on some hardware versions (Only OSTC 2 (2017), TR and OSTC plus)

MD5: a88102fed4954b6371f235cbb0145b61
BUGFIX: Add surface part at end of dive to surface interval properly
BUGFIX: Average depth in logbook did not took salinity setting into account
CHANGE: Change color of temperature values in logbook to yellow

MD5: 3ebe9959476337ce4eaf1747ac88dbb6
BUGFIX: Hardware versions 13-xx-xx and 58-xx-xx could hang up with 10.56 or later

MD5: c597bdb7fd2499d0e390e1aaedb0cbce
BUGFIX: Surface mode could freeze in some hardware versions
BUGFIX: Potential issue with Bluetooth in older OSTC sport models
CHANGE: Default language in EN/DE version is English again

MD5: ecc3920cfee8b21720e6131f126d0851
BUGFIX: Version number was not shown in main screen
BUGFIX: Button function could be toggled on charger

MD5: 52eefadd6bd7ef05032ab0f151100644
BUGFIX: NDL in big font display
BUGFIX: Bluetooth mode in old OSTC sport (Red buttons)

MD5: d1585f659a64c57f4dbf6a222277cbef
NEW: Five gases instead of three
NEW: Optional, 2nd Tissue graphic with markers for GF_low, GF_high and M-Value
NEW: Complete new Deco Planner and OSTC Simulator
NEW: 2nd Deco plan can calculate "Gas needs" (Optional) for all gases in real-time
NEW: Optional "Gas change time" and selectable extended stops (Shifting the gas change to the first real deco stop)
NEW: Configurable ascend speed
NEW: Support for more hardware versions (OSTC sport and 2 TR)
NEW: 2nd Layout (With larger fonts and slightly less information)
CHANGE: Deco plan is updated much faster
NEW: Information menu shows hardware version

MD5: 2e2d691b89479934d7d433bb4a2da7cb
BUGFIX: New battery menu was not visible after battery insertion on certain hardware versions


MD5: c8493b112d7686c5578b7f9479782ec0
NEW: Updates OSTC 2 TR computers to RX-Firmware 1.37
BUGFIX: Fix (another) critical issue with compass routine


MD5: a5fbee144b7ff14cc0053a7b6f3614a6
CHANGE: Battery selection menu simplified
BUGFIX: Minor language and layout corrections


MD5: d8a8f44d4465a114c96712cb78d49d0d
BUGFIX: Too high sleep mode current in OSTC 2 and OSTC plus fixed
NEW: Updates OSTC 2 TR computers to RX-Firmware 1.36
CHANGE: Faster rendering of fonts and logbook graphics
NEW: Show RX-firmware in custom view in surface mode
NEW: Option to log Apnea dives in the logbook
BUGFIX: Fix issue with compass routine
CHANGE: Use hPa instead of mbar for surface pressure


MD5: 945ec4a1ce0ce61cd795c75a865a2d1a
NEW: Updates OSTC 2 TR computers to RX-Firmware 1.32
NEW: Option to enable/disable the RX circuity (TR hardware only)
CHANGE: Default conservatism now 30/85 as in the hwOS TECH
BUGFIX: 10.45 showed "Update installed" after any power on reset
BUGFIX: In very rare cases, the gas setup screen could freeze in surface mode


MD5: 1421bdd102c8fbec5f909451aa36818e
CHANGE: Updates OSTC 2 TR computers to RX-Firmware 1.31
BUGFIX: One dezimal for water temperatures below 10°C
BUGFIX: St.By-Current for OSTC 2 TR computers was higher then expected
CHANGE: Minor language updates


MD5: b80fc8a6605729ef676d510b02c1edca
BUGFIX: Auto-Gain for newer compass versions did not work (Which decreased accuracy of heading)
CHANGE: Make disabled gases darker in surface mode (Common issue for color-blind divers)


MD5: a81cc91f2f67abbaf5754865719d8a25
NEW: Support for OSTC 2 TR hardware
NEW: Support for new compass electronics (internal hardware change)


MD5: d50c59e956ee954e7e298d16682a0ec8
BUGFIX: Display of negative (°C) water temperatures
NEW: One dezimal for water temperatures below 10°C
BUGFIX: Battery handling in OSTC Plus hardware
NEW: Count dives during Apnoe mode (Shown next to Total)
NEW: Second ppO2 setting for deco gases


MD5: 83d803a7cddebf737df8a40ae062eaa5
NEW: Show Compass calibration results in Compass menu
BUGFIX: Logbook-Offset display in menu


MD5: 5b9155f0a567e3f8c43360734904b20e
CHANGE: Show actual GF (Not relative) in dive mode
BUGFIX: Do not check ppO2 for disabled gases
CHANGE: Apply safety margin parameters to both models (GF and non-GF)
NEW: Additional custom view in dive mode: ppO2, Ceiling and current GF
NEW: Last dive custom view with divetime, max. depth and interval
NEW: "Reboot" and "Reset Deco" option in Reset menu
BUGFIX: Minor language fixes in German and French


MD5: d510b0f6632d4402f73b154bb2b60b65
NEW: 2nd and 3rd logbook details page re-designed
BUGFIX: several minor graphic issues in logbook fixed
BUGFIX: Rare button issues in OSTC Plus hardware


MD5: f685aff34796f70eb167e87f7ae31934
BUGFIX: Decoplan with a lot of deco caused minor graphic errors in dive mode
Bugfix: More then one marker shown deleted profile
NEW: Show battery % in logbook (For dives made with 10.34 or newer)


MD5: 72f03dfdcd561152ebba8413229d0a64
NEW: Deep Sleep mode for OSTC Plus and OSTC 2 (2017) (Entered automatically)
NEW: Logbook detail page in larger font (And nicer layout)
CHANGE: Sleep mode current slightly reduced
NEW: Logbook now records battery information
NEW: Show time since last dive in surface mode
NEW: Markers in internal logbook drawn as small "m" next to the profile


MD5: 63e63b2292c4cc1387dd2c63f197aed0
NEW: Dive mode menu has option to manually quit the dive when in <1m depth
BUGFIX: Surface mode decoplaner did not show stop lengths on new OSTC plus
BUGFIX: Layout fixes in Apnea mode (Bottom line)


MD5: f93388ef748ec56ef5c5529e1fffd739
CHANGE: Simulator max depth now 70m
NEW: New Customview 5 in dive mode shows ppO2, EAD/MOD and CNS
CHANGE: Customview 3 shows Clock, Battery Information and Tissue Information
CHANGE: Show warnings either in Customview (If active) _or_ next to warning sign
NEW: Show battery type in information menu (T0:1.5V AA, T1:3.6V AA, T2:3.6V/0.8A LiIon, T3:Internal 18650, T4:Internal 16650)
NEW: Show battery type in surface mode next to battery voltage


MD5: 186edb0ae3bc27b1bb3e183e4310aba9
BUGFIX: Minor layout corrections in imperial units dive screen
BUGFIX: Battery menu and companion compatibilty for non-BLE Sports


MD5: 77c984d69de345aa617f0762e2ba71a1
BUGFIX: Compatibility with "hwOS Config" fixed
NEW: New hardware descriptor command 0x60 added (For PC programs)
NEW: Support for 0.8Ah rechargable battery (3,6V)
NEW: Refined battery meter code
NEW: Adjustable timeout for Divemode
CHANGE: Several language fixes
NEW: Show MOD in all Gas Setup related submenus
NEW: Show Uptime (Time since last firmware boot) in information menu
NEW: Store more battery info into logbook memory
CHANGE: Easier to understand "New Battery" menu



MD5: aa95cfa15dda0ce6d973897627d072c9

NEW: Support for new logbook memory chip (minor hardware change)

CHANGE: Large font for current gas in gas setup

NEW: Allow GF settings configured through PC



MD5: 4708bf61070576443f4f7fe65c57863a

BUGFIX: Fix missing gas setup (From 10.24)

NEW: Safety Stop can be enabled/disabled from the menu



MD5: f85b96e5406fac11def528768a6b7771

BUGFIX: Fix rare issue after battery change (OSTC sport did not start properly)



MD5: 609d722c9bb8599aa908b92ec15cb75a

CHANGE: Show velocity from 3m/min or more (Ascend or descent)

NEW: Segmented speed graph in divemode (optional)

NEW: Variable speed (7-20m/min) depending on depth (optional)

NEW: Safety Stop can be configured (Start-, End- and reset-depth + length of stop) via PC

NEW: Logbook marker can be set in dive mode menu

NEW: Logbook shows markers with small orange boxes in the profile



MD5: 83fa30f8ffdaf3c4c8d8f155291348b1

CHANGE: Logbook now shows end-of-dive date and time for dives made with firmware <10.22 indicated by an icon in the logbook

CHANGE: Logbook shows start-of-dive date and time for dives made with firmware >=10.22

BUGFIX: Text alignment in logbook

NEW: Show actual dive count in logbook list view (If <1000)

BUGFIX: Minor language and text aligment fixes



MD5: a730b736ce322aa216810c35e9ade9b9

CHANGE: button hold-down will increase values or move the cursor automatically (again)

BUGFIX: +5min for stopwatch during simulation did not work

BUGFIX: Bluetooth communications issues



MD5: 8e445d06ad5caf5fafe6f7b36ebe41c2

NEW: Option to rotate the screen

BUGFIX: BLE timings for MAC issues

BUGFIX: Battery consumption calculation in sleep mode (3,6V battery only)

NEW: Bearing can be set in surface mode



MD5: 3d212302a810f40097954ebac0f5929f

CHANGE: Custom GF high range increased to 45-95
NEW: Quit Simulator automatically when starting a real dive
BUGFIX: Auto-Brightness clipped to lowest settings in bright sunlight on some devices

MD5: 94f07a4d736cb2a1555a1faf127546b9

- Stable Version -
NEW: Deco planer computes gas consumption for all gases
CHANGE: Battery warning adjusted

MD5: 180a23d1a92b94e5da08e4c85bd42389

- Stable Version -
BUGFIX: Fix PC download issue for dives made with 10.16 firmware

MD5: f8101514a7e66dde8aae0a76fcd65c40

- Stable Version -
CHANGE: Range of Custom GF_lo now from 20 to 95
CHANGE: Automatically abort connection fail after 2mins
BUGFIX: Fast Gas change near the ppO2 limit could cause switching to a non-available Gas #0
BUGFIX: There was a 1:4096 chance that a portion of a dive was not stored correctly resulting in download issues

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