20010 hwOS - OSTC 4 (Version 1.5.6)


[1.5.6] with RTE 2.06
NEW: O2 calibration for analog sensors
FIX: At the begin of the dive and while switching between T7 <=> T3 view a primary view could be shown
    which was deactivated by the selection dialogue. In case the primary view is now deactivated,
    the next activated view will be shown instead
FIX: Compass accuracy for some hardware versions
CHG: Handle analog O2 sensor voltages outside reasonable parameters as invalid
CHG: In surface mode the custom view will now reset to the o2 sensor display if sensors are connected
    and no button has been pressed for 20 seconds

[1.5.5] with RTE 2.05
NEW: SYS3 menu where all custom views can be configured in detail (center, corner and big font)
FIX: Disable compass properly when not in use (end-2019 hardware only)
NEW: Added new option to gas configuration: "Off" (These are then not shown in the custom gas list)
FIX: Startup behaviour in cases where incorrectly stored dives are in the internal logbook

[1.5.4] with RTE 2.04
FIX: support for some old harwdare versions was broken in 1.5.3 (Only serial number <100 were affected)
CHG: layout in internal logbook cleaned
CHG: Only switch between "no fly" and "desaturation" in case there is desaturation time left
FIX: Balance value of button responsitivness were not considered during firmware startup
CHG: internal improvements in sleep mode
FIX: use dummy profile if necessary (If there are corrupted dives in the logbook)

[1.5.3] with RTE 2.03
CHG: Always show battery voltage in surface mode
CHG: battery status is now preserved for future updates
NEW: Support for much faster updates (With OSTC companion 3.2 and later)
FIX: (very) short screen lag removed during sample storage in dive mode

[1.5.2] with RTE 2.02
Beta Version!
FIX: display of time of minimum voltage
FIX: Display of Sensor values. At divestart sensor values were shown even sensors were deactivated (fix SP)
FIX: Bugfix invalid voltage / temperature after coldstart
FIX: Instant dive start at several meters out of sleep mode (Jumping into the water) may resulted in lagged/freeze depth reading
CHG: Speed increase of Bluetooth communications
CHG: Look and Feel for Gauge/Apnea mode with flipped screen improved
FIX: Deco warning after Gauge mode
FIX: Download issues of corrupted dives
FIX: Proper logbook write (Very spurious error, mainly in CCR mode)

[1.5.1] with RTE 2.01
NEW: Support for end-2019 Hardware

[1.5.1] with RTE 2.00

FIX: 1.5.0 could enter dive mode when ambient pressure reduced during flight

[1.5.0] with RTE 1.90

FIX: Optical port timeout fixed
FIX: firmware version in logbook data
FIX: battery information in logbook data
FIX: correct main version number logbook data
FIX: fix drawing of CCR bailout profile in internal logbook

[1.4.8] with RTE 1.80

FIX: Important stability updates
FIX: Language updates
FIX: Spurious spikes in recorded logbook
FIX: NDL was logged incorrectly

[1.4.7] with RTE 1.70

NEW: "Saturation" replaces "Current GF", shows percentage of resulting GF high in GF-deco mode
CHG: Replace mbar with hPa in surface mode and logbook
FIX: CNS logging had unexpected values in the first minute
FIX: Language updates
FIX: Show all dive modes in surface mode (And not only CCR and OC)
FIX: Lags with screen freeze in dive mode fixed
FIX: In rare cases the OSTC4 did not power down correctly for sleep mode
FIX: Average depth was slightly off
FIX: Sync max. Depth and Depth properly
CHG: Intensive code cleanup and review, change to free GCC compiler
NEW: Full code release: https://bitbucket.org/heinrichsweikamp/ostc4/wiki/Home
FIX: highlight the menu underline correctly on selected state in dive mode
NEW: Option to Flip the screen
FIX: Several minor layout corrections in dive mode
NEW: New implementation for ceiling (identical to hwOS 2 code)

[1.3.5] with RTE 1.06

CHG: hardware support for newer models
CHG: battery percent display in surfacemode (Not voltage)
FIX: language updates

[1.3.0] with RTE 1.01

NEW: apnea mode
NEW: gauge mode (including deco stop display of deco system in background)
NEW: Average Depth and Timer in big font mode
NEW: compass bearing stored
NEW: extra-low cave brightness configuration and ultra-bright setting
NEW: extended button control and factory reset option via bluetooth
CHG: bluetooth active on system start
FIX: gas consumption calculation
CHG: small battery voltage display in surface mode

[1.2.6] with RTE 0.98

NEW: feet now everywhere in the displays during the dive
FIX: futureTTS was always calculating 5 minutes independently from settings
FIX: warnings for ppO2 max and ppO2 min
FIX: text corrections
FIX: button settings internal handling redone
FIX: Desaturation Time and NoFly Time didn't show days.


FIX: customview header text
CHG: overview added as optional on/off in dive menu


CHG: duration of dive is now total time minus all time close to surface
NEW: CCR with sensors has 10 minutes timeout instead of 2 minutes like in other modes
FIX: button reset on start-up after updating to firmware 1.1.8
NEW: added ascent and descent rate in (small) numbers
CHG: failsafe if computer is turned on during flight (880 mbar limit instead of 700 mbar)
NEW: most center custom views can be turned on and off during dive (new menu in dive mode)
FIX: temperature graph in logbook
NEW: button sensitivity overdrive with 105% and 110% now available
FIX: helium desaturion time in logbook entry


FIX: Hardware driver issues in 1.1.2
FIX: Logbook Temperature Graph core redone
NEW: Set Marker in Divemode
CHG: Surface Time calculation now based on internal clock
NEW: Battery Status will be to set to last know value after RTE update


FIX: Multiple Deco Gas Changes
FIX: Automatic Firmware Update after RTE update (for upcoming updates)
NEW: Individual Button Offset
CHG: Update of some hardware drivers
FIX: readLimits for external software


FIX: button sensitivity configuration via external software
FIX: settings warnings in surface screen
FIX: minor fixes in external software communication


NEW: Deco Planner gas consumption
NEW. Langue Français
FIX: 0x4C prompt for unknown commands
FIX: VPM ceiling
FIX: smaller fixes (bluetooth, text, fallback times)
NEW: command to distinguish standard and Bonex version
NEW: BONEX design
CHG: interface to OSTC Companion, OTSC Tools and others
FIX: custom view limits
NEW: compass calibration stored on reset (RTE)


NEW: compass damping
CHG: compass design


FIX: read settings command (for external software)
FIX: menu system for Deco1 and Sys2


FIX: dive start time in export to DivingLog, Subsurface and more (all dives)
FIX: deco / NDL status in logbook recording (new dives only)


FIX: brightness adjustments
FIX: temperature graph scaling in logbook
FIX: trimix gases text in logbook
CHG: lower limit set for no fly time
CHG: start of dive mode is now at one meter if computer is running
CHG: divetime less than one minute does not change no fly time and time since last dive
FIX: NDL calculation information after deco dive with GF algorithm
ADD: improved support for external communication with OSTC Companion

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