20030 hwOS sport für OSTC sport / OSTC Plus (v10.53)


MD5: 2e2d691b89479934d7d433bb4a2da7cb
BUGFIX: New battery menu was not visible after battery insertion on certain hardware versions


MD5: c8493b112d7686c5578b7f9479782ec0
NEW: Updates OSTC 2 TR computers to RX-Firmware 1.37
BUGFIX: Fix (another) critical issue with compass routine


MD5: a5fbee144b7ff14cc0053a7b6f3614a6
CHANGE: Battery selection menu simplified
BUGFIX: Minor language and layout corrections


MD5: d8a8f44d4465a114c96712cb78d49d0d
BUGFIX: Too high sleep mode current in OSTC 2 and OSTC plus fixed
NEW: Updates OSTC 2 TR computers to RX-Firmware 1.36
CHANGE: Faster rendering of fonts and logbook graphics
NEW: Show RX-firmware in custom view in surface mode
NEW: Option to log Apnea dives in the logbook
BUGFIX: Fix issue with compass routine
CHANGE: Use hPa instead of mbar for surface pressure


MD5: 945ec4a1ce0ce61cd795c75a865a2d1a
NEW: Updates OSTC 2 TR computers to RX-Firmware 1.32
NEW: Option to enable/disable the RX circuity (TR hardware only)
CHANGE: Default conservatism now 30/85 as in the hwOS TECH
BUGFIX: 10.45 showed "Update installed" after any power on reset
BUGFIX: In very rare cases, the gas setup screen could freeze in surface mode


MD5: 1421bdd102c8fbec5f909451aa36818e
CHANGE: Updates OSTC 2 TR computers to RX-Firmware 1.31
BUGFIX: One dezimal for water temperatures below 10°C
BUGFIX: St.By-Current for OSTC 2 TR computers was higher then expected
CHANGE: Minor language updates


MD5: b80fc8a6605729ef676d510b02c1edca
BUGFIX: Auto-Gain for newer compass versions did not work (Which decreased accuracy of heading)
CHANGE: Make disabled gases darker in surface mode (Common issue for color-blind divers)


MD5: a81cc91f2f67abbaf5754865719d8a25
NEW: Support for OSTC 2 TR hardware
NEW: Support for new compass electronics (internal hardware change)


MD5: d50c59e956ee954e7e298d16682a0ec8
BUGFIX: Display of negative (°C) water temperatures
NEW: One dezimal for water temperatures below 10°C
BUGFIX: Battery handling in OSTC Plus hardware
NEW: Count dives during Apnoe mode (Shown next to Total)
NEW: Second ppO2 setting for deco gases


MD5: 83d803a7cddebf737df8a40ae062eaa5
NEW: Show Compass calibration results in Compass menu
BUGFIX: Logbook-Offset display in menu


MD5: 5b9155f0a567e3f8c43360734904b20e
CHANGE: Show actual GF (Not relative) in dive mode
BUGFIX: Do not check ppO2 for disabled gases
CHANGE: Apply safety margin parameters to both models (GF and non-GF)
NEW: Additional custom view in dive mode: ppO2, Ceiling and current GF
NEW: Last dive custom view with divetime, max. depth and interval
NEW: "Reboot" and "Reset Deco" option in Reset menu
BUGFIX: Minor language fixes in German and French


MD5: d510b0f6632d4402f73b154bb2b60b65
NEW: 2nd and 3rd logbook details page re-designed
BUGFIX: several minor graphic issues in logbook fixed
BUGFIX: Rare button issues in OSTC Plus hardware


MD5: f685aff34796f70eb167e87f7ae31934
BUGFIX: Decoplan with a lot of deco caused minor graphic errors in dive mode
Bugfix: More then one marker shown deleted profile
NEW: Show battery % in logbook (For dives made with 10.34 or newer)


MD5: 72f03dfdcd561152ebba8413229d0a64
NEW: Deep Sleep mode for OSTC Plus and OSTC 2 (2017) (Entered automatically)
NEW: Logbook detail page in larger font (And nicer layout)
CHANGE: Sleep mode current slightly reduced
NEW: Logbook now records battery information
NEW: Show time since last dive in surface mode
NEW: Markers in internal logbook drawn as small "m" next to the profile


MD5: 63e63b2292c4cc1387dd2c63f197aed0
NEW: Dive mode menu has option to manually quit the dive when in <1m depth
BUGFIX: Surface mode decoplaner did not show stop lengths on new OSTC plus
BUGFIX: Layout fixes in Apnea mode (Bottom line)


MD5: f93388ef748ec56ef5c5529e1fffd739
CHANGE: Simulator max depth now 70m
NEW: New Customview 5 in dive mode shows ppO2, EAD/MOD and CNS
CHANGE: Customview 3 shows Clock, Battery Information and Tissue Information
CHANGE: Show warnings either in Customview (If active) _or_ next to warning sign
NEW: Show battery type in information menu (T0:1.5V AA, T1:3.6V AA, T2:3.6V/0.8A LiIon, T3:Internal 18650, T4:Internal 16650)
NEW: Show battery type in surface mode next to battery voltage


MD5: 186edb0ae3bc27b1bb3e183e4310aba9
BUGFIX: Minor layout corrections in imperial units dive screen
BUGFIX: Battery menu and companion compatibilty for non-BLE Sports


MD5: 77c984d69de345aa617f0762e2ba71a1
BUGFIX: Compatibility with "hwOS Config" fixed
NEW: New hardware descriptor command 0x60 added (For PC programs)
NEW: Support for 0.8Ah rechargable battery (3,6V)
NEW: Refined battery meter code
NEW: Adjustable timeout for Divemode
CHANGE: Several language fixes
NEW: Show MOD in all Gas Setup related submenus
NEW: Show Uptime (Time since last firmware boot) in information menu
NEW: Store more battery info into logbook memory
CHANGE: Easier to understand "New Battery" menu



MD5: aa95cfa15dda0ce6d973897627d072c9

NEW: Support for new logbook memory chip (minor hardware change)

CHANGE: Large font for current gas in gas setup

NEW: Allow GF settings configured through PC



MD5: 4708bf61070576443f4f7fe65c57863a

BUGFIX: Fix missing gas setup (From 10.24)

NEW: Safety Stop can be enabled/disabled from the menu



MD5: f85b96e5406fac11def528768a6b7771

BUGFIX: Fix rare issue after battery change (OSTC sport did not start properly)



MD5: 609d722c9bb8599aa908b92ec15cb75a

CHANGE: Show velocity from 3m/min or more (Ascend or descent)

NEW: Segmented speed graph in divemode (optional)

NEW: Variable speed (7-20m/min) depending on depth (optional)

NEW: Safety Stop can be configured (Start-, End- and reset-depth + length of stop) via PC

NEW: Logbook marker can be set in dive mode menu

NEW: Logbook shows markers with small orange boxes in the profile



MD5: 83fa30f8ffdaf3c4c8d8f155291348b1

CHANGE: Logbook now shows end-of-dive date and time for dives made with firmware <10.22 indicated by an icon in the logbook

CHANGE: Logbook shows start-of-dive date and time for dives made with firmware >=10.22

BUGFIX: Text alignment in logbook

NEW: Show actual dive count in logbook list view (If <1000)

BUGFIX: Minor language and text aligment fixes



MD5: a730b736ce322aa216810c35e9ade9b9

CHANGE: button hold-down will increase values or move the cursor automatically (again)

BUGFIX: +5min for stopwatch during simulation did not work

BUGFIX: Bluetooth communications issues



MD5: 8e445d06ad5caf5fafe6f7b36ebe41c2

NEW: Option to rotate the screen

BUGFIX: BLE timings for MAC issues

BUGFIX: Battery consumption calculation in sleep mode (3,6V battery only)

NEW: Bearing can be set in surface mode



MD5: 3d212302a810f40097954ebac0f5929f

CHANGE: Custom GF high range increased to 45-95
NEW: Quit Simulator automatically when starting a real dive
BUGFIX: Auto-Brightness clipped to lowest settings in bright sunlight on some devices

MD5: 94f07a4d736cb2a1555a1faf127546b9

- Stable Version -
NEW: Deco planer computes gas consumption for all gases
CHANGE: Battery warning adjusted

MD5: 180a23d1a92b94e5da08e4c85bd42389

- Stable Version -
BUGFIX: Fix PC download issue for dives made with 10.16 firmware

MD5: f8101514a7e66dde8aae0a76fcd65c40

- Stable Version -
CHANGE: Range of Custom GF_lo now from 20 to 95
CHANGE: Automatically abort connection fail after 2mins
BUGFIX: Fast Gas change near the ppO2 limit could cause switching to a non-available Gas #0
BUGFIX: There was a 1:4096 chance that a portion of a dive was not stored correctly resulting in download issues

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